About Dawn

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest. The financial services industry is flawed—too many are looking to take advantage of your hard-earned money.

As a Behavioral Financial Advisor, I believe in a holistic approach that begins with your relationship with money. Poor financial decisions are often made emotionally, so it’s important to educate yourself so you can build a better future through smarter decisions.

This blog is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to build the retirement you deserve.




With 20 years of experience as a CFP®, BFA, and CRPC®, I’m the founding partner and president of private wealth advisory, Relevé Financial, with locations in Minnesota and Arizona.

My practice specializes in an authentic advisory experience by guiding clients through life transitions that are individual and unique. We are passionate about being at the center of all of our clients’ lives, helping them feel comfortable with their money, and helping them make well-thought-out life decisions. We assist in designing a “life plan” based on her a client’s core values, teaching abundance and creating financial certainty.

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